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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Feb 21, 2018)
Hi guys, can an Admin please point me to the Rules on base building in nthe server please :)
(Jan 31, 2018) We've moved!
(Jan 08, 2018)
ok cool thanks
(Jan 08, 2018)
Maintenance.. Updating new rearm system. Shouldn't be long sorry for the down time.
(Jan 08, 2018)
server maitnace or crash on PVE?
(Jan 01, 2018)
Servers should all be online, will jump in and make sure.
(Jan 01, 2018)
Hello Admins, the PVE Server is crasht?
(Jan 01, 2018)
Happy New Year everyone!
(Dec 08, 2017)
Can you tell me what happened with the pvp exile?
(Dec 05, 2017)
(Dec 05, 2017)
RIP PvE Sever on reset
(Dec 05, 2017)
CBA v3.5.0 updated
(Dec 05, 2017)
CBA Updated :/
(Dec 03, 2017)
I will look into the Battle eye problem
(Dec 02, 2017)
Anyone able to stay on the server? Keep getting battlelog kicked after this update
(Dec 02, 2017)
Servers are updated to current Arma version
(Dec 01, 2017)
Arma just updated. Any word on when the servers will be updated?
(Nov 24, 2017)
Happy Thanksgiving!
(Nov 23, 2017)
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!