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New PVP Server Base Packages Offer

manOwar / Jan 01, 2018
We would like to offer a free base package and FREE Base Re-spawn System via the Omega Base Improvements system (a 250,000 tab value) available through your laptop to all new territories setup during the first 2 weeks of January 2018! So starting now and ending on January 14th at midnight any new territories setup will receive 1 base starter crate and updated Base re-spawn system for their territory.

Here are the details:
Dates: Jan 1, 2018 - Jan 14, 2018
Updates will be applied through the database every 24 hours for the base respawn system.
In-Game Admins will distribute Base Starter Crates (Request one here in this thread)
Starter Crates can be installed to your territory and kept for storage
The Server is an exact duplicate of the PVE server Altis map including AI and missions. It is everything the PVE server is with the addition of the PVP threat.
Goal: The goal is to see if the server will grow, the vast majority of servers popular are PVP and we're pretty proud of what we have created in the PVE server so wanted to bring online a pvp replica.

Special Note:
I have asked the current AFD members to "relax" a bit with PVP for the next 2 weeks to allow new players to grow.
I am requesting that everyone focus on looting and building there territories rather than immediately attempt base raids, I would prefer that base raiding not be done period for the 2 week period this special is running. PVP kills are part of the risk and as such should be expected.

Map/Server Customization:
For those of you who may not be aware the custom Altis map has 3 red circles on map screen they are large military, military/Industrial and medical compounds each unique in there own. There are also many more damages as far as buildings, vehicle wrecks and several locations setup within the map designed to be ambush points. These points include custom primitive roof top bunkers, debris piles along road sides, large rows of cars along side of roads where wrecked cars have been stripped and left behind.
The map has persistent vehicle spawns some even have weapons and gear, AI roam the map on foot and in vehicles, missions are upgraded with more AI, custom modified artificial intelligence to the AI (some are dumb, some will rush you, some will flank but they will not always all act the same).
Full military vehicle and aircraft compliments with NO Jets, almost everything else is available and armed to the hilt. All this and so much more to list. For those of you who have migrated from the O4CE server when AFD started hosting it you will find some familiar things in our new PVP server as well as new ideas implemented. For those who have never played in any AFD server your in for an experience you have never experienced in ANY other server... Ever!

Post your territory name in this FORUM THREAD for delivery of the freebies ASAP.
Have more questions or need help? Please post HERE.


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