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Both the PVE and PVP servers have been updated with an advanced arming system. The ammo crates can be used at the traders and can be purchased through your laptop to have re-arming capabilities at your base for all vehicles.
This is an advanced arming system that uses the database to track every bullet, grenade and missile etc. Each type of ammo has it's own unique price and can be expensive to waste carelessly. Here is the downside, ALL existing vehicles are now "empty" meaning they will need to be re-armed once they are rearmed they will record in the database and be fine. Ammo is now PERSISTENT. You wont get refilled when the server restarts automatically anymore. (I know I'm really making you work for it now) I hope this adds another layer of consideration when determining how your going to clear a mission and which missions you decide are worth the expense of the ammo.
If any of you have extensive re-arm expenses please post your game name in this thread and your re-arm expenses. I am considering crediting your initial re-arm expense to your lockers since emptying your ammo was unavoidable. All future vehicles bought will come with ammo included.
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